AutoCAD Level 1 Training in New York City


This level 1 AutoCAD class in New York City is perfect for beginners or someone with limited experience using AutoCAD. Students will learn the fundamental commands that are used in the program. Students will learn to create drawings using a variety of shapes utilizing many of the tools and commands.


Created by industry experts, students learn by doing actual drawings with our live in classroom instructors. Students are taught many commands and tools to create drawings fast and easy. Our instructors will make sure no one is left behind.


If your goal is to learn AutoCAD from great instructors without breaking the bank this course is for you.


100% Money Back Guarantee

  • If after the first class you are not happy with our instructor or training environment, let us know on the first day and we will issue a full refund of the course tuition. No other school offers this guarantee.


AutoCAD Course Cost: $899

Sale Price until September 04, 2015: $449


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Benefits to this course:

  • Small classes, limited to 10 students.
  • 100% hands-on training. Every student gets their own computer to follow along.
  • Most affordable AutoCAD class. Many vendors offer the same course for more than double the cost.
  • #1 AutoCAD class in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • Learn tricks that will separate you from the average AutoCAD user.
  • Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, 2 blocks from Penn Station.
  • Expert Autodesk Certified Instructor with more than 10 years of experience using and teaching AutoCAD.
  • Retake this course free for up to 1 year. Sign up for 1 class and you can retake it as much as you like for up to 1 year.
  • 3 full days of training (24 hours in total).
  • Courses are taught using the latest AutoCAD 2013.
  • The course will includes a comprehensive guide with step by step directions and a certificate at the end, showing that you attended the class.
  • No hidden fee's

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the school located?

We are located at:

545 8th Avenue (between 37th and 38th Street) 4th Floor New York, NY 10018.

That's 3 blocks from Penn Station and Port Authority. 10 Minutes from Grand Central.


What version of AutoCAD is used in the class?

This class is taught on AutoCAD 2013.


What materials does the course comes with?

The courses will come with a great textbook, which is yours to keep.


What is your refund or rescheduling policy?

You can get a 100% refund if you cancel up to 2 businesses before the start of your class. You can reschedule a class any time before the class starts.


How big are your classes?

All classes are between 5-11 students.


Can I retake this class if I need to?

Yes you can, as long as we have an available seat in our upcoming class. You can come back and retake the course as many times as you like for up to 1 year.


Is this an online class or a classroom course?

This is a live in classroom course held at our New York City location.


Why is the tuition much lower than other schools?

Our tuition is much lower than other training providers because we have optimized our business processes to ensure quality training at a reasonable price. As a smaller school with lower overhead we are able to provide a great class and better value to our students. We believe that education should be affordable and not break your bank account.


What are your instructors like?

We only hire the best instructors. Our instructors are all Autodesk Certified Instructors with over 10 years of experience using and teaching AutoCAD. We guarantee that you will love the instructors or your money back.


Why should I choose your training over other Providers?

Choosing a training provider can be tough choice. We all claim to offer the best value, in terms of price, passing rates, and guarantee. The Technical Institute of America offers the lowest price, one of the best passing rate, and an excellent guarantee. As a New York State licensed school and Better Business Bureau Accredited business we can honestly say what we offer is the truth and you can verify it. Itís the reason why we offer the money back guarantee.


Do you ever cancel a class because you donít have enough students?

No, we never cancel a class. We will teach a class with 1 registered student if we have to. If unforeseen circumstances arise such as bad weather, instructor health or family problems and we have to cancel a class, we will offer all students a 100% full refund or reschedule to another class.


I might miss one or more classes, can I make it up?

Yes we offer the most flexible schedule of all training centers. If you miss one or more of your classes you can attend a weekend, evening, or weekday class to make up your class.

Reasons for taking the course with us:


Other Training Companies

100% money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the course after the first class. We are the only school that offers this guarantee.

(If you are not happy with the course, you will not get a full refund. They claim to have great classes but no guarantees)

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

(Not an Accredited Business. No assurance it is a real company)

Ultra Fast 4/6-Core Desktops with 19'-24' monitors.

(Old outdated computers)

Autodesk Certified Instructors.

(Non Certified Instructors)

Taught on the latest AutoCAD 2013 software

(Old outdated versions of AutoCAD)

All Classes are guaranteed to run or your money back.

(Many keeps postponing classes until they have sufficient students)

Easy Refund Policy. Cancel before the course starts and receive a full 100% refund the same day. Reschedule at any time with our no fee rescheduling policy.  

(Most companies charged a cancellation fee of up to $200 and take more than 20 days to issue refunds. Please check before you sign up)

Small classes Size (limited to 10 students).

(Classes with 18+ students)

Flexible Schedule (Weekday, Evening, and Weekend).

(Just Weekday classes)

Instructor with real world Experience.

(Instructors with no real world Experience)

Live instructor-led training.

Great Location. A few blocks from Penn Station and Port Authority.

(Have to take additional trains and buses to get there)

American owned and operated company.

(Non-American company)

New York State Licensed Regulated School.

(Non-licensed illegal school)

Unlimited free retakes of the course for up to one year.

(No retakes allowed)

Flat $449 tuition. No extra fees for books or supplies($80 value).

(Some providers charge for books or for using a credit card to pay)

Luxurious facilities.

(Poorly maintained spaces)

Students will learn the following:

  • Understanding and controlling the User Interface.
  • How to create Lines, Arcs, Circles, and Polylines.
  • Basic drawing tools to help create accurate geometry.
  • Fundamental modification commands.
  • Shortcuts to help speed up your drawing time.
  • Adding text to drawings using Multiline Text, Single line Text and Leaders.
  • Applying hatch patterns to geometry.
  • How to create and control Layers.
  • Changing the Properties on objects in the drawing.
  • How to set the Scale of your drawing.
  • Setting up multiple sheets (layouts) and multiple views using Viewports
  • Defining settings for Plotting.

Lesson Plan

LESSON 1 – Getting Acquainted with AutoCAD

  • Exploring the Interface
  • Working with the Ribbon/Tabs/Panels
  • Learning about the Drawing Tools.
  • Working with the Applications Browser
  • Understanding AutoCAD’s Help features.


LESSON 2 – Basic Drawing Commands and Tools

  • Drawing Lines
  • Using Drawing Tools to create accurate geometry.
  • Creating Circles and Arcs
  • Working with Object Snaps (OSNAP)
  • Creating Rectangles
  • Drawing and Editing Polylines


LESSON 3 – Basic Copying Commands

  • Moving and Copying Objects
  • Creating Multiple copies using the Array Command
    How to use the Mirror Command
  • Creating parallel copies with the Offset Command


LESSON 4 – Modifying objects in your drawing

  • Deleting portions of objects by using the Trim Command
  • Lengthening objects with the Extend Command
  • Using Stretch to increase the length of overall objects
  • Rounding corners using the Fillet Command
  • Beveling edges with the Chamfer Command
  • Modifying the size of objects with the Scale Command.


LESSON 5 – Annotating your drawing

  • Adding Dimensions to geometry
  • Adding notes using the Multiline Text command
  • Adding notes using the Single line Text command.
  • Working with Multi Leaders.
  • Editing tools for dimensioning and text.


LESSON 6 – Applying Hatch Patterns to geometry

  • Issuing the Hatch Command
  • Understanding the Hatch Ribbon
  • How to edit existing Hatch objects.


LESSON 7 – Working with Layers and their Properties

  • The Layer Properties Manager
  • Creating New Layers
  • Assigning Properties to Layers


LESSON 8 – Working with Layers cont

  • Controlling the status of layers using Freeze, Off, Lock, Isolate.
  • Creating Layer States


LESSON 9 – Defining settings for layouts and intro to Plotting

  • Creating various sheets to plot (Layouts)
  • Learning how to set the scale for the drawing
  • Creating multiple Viewports for displaying multiple scaled views of the model
  • How to modify viewport scale and lock into place.


LESSON 10 – Intro to Paperspace and  Modelspace

  • Understanding Paperspace and Modelspace
  • Controlling Layers within each Viewport
  • Creating custom sheet sizes using the Page Setup Manager
  • Copying and Deleting Layouts

Why Choose TIA?


I liked the hands-on technique and the ease with which we went from one another. I feel like I've mastered many points of the program.
-Sal V.

Course was presented in a clear manner that was easy to follow. Like the large screen and excellent AutoCAD instructor.
-James F.

Course was very helpful. I struggled with CAD for years, this course made help me fill in the gaps I was missing. I recommend this course to anyone looking to learn CAD.
-Carolyn W.

Instructor was great. His presentation was great. Answered everyone's questions and made sure all students were on the same page. I feel very comfortable using AutoCAD now.
-Phillip T.

I have been training to use AutoCAD and found it very complicated. After this course I feel very confident creating drawing in AutoCAD.
-Tracy H.

Very good class. Instructor was very patient and easy going. I learned a tremendous amount and would definitely recommend this course.
-Andrew K.

Joe was an excellent instructor. He is the master of AutoCAD. Answered all my questions and always there to help. I will be back to take level 2. One of the best computer classes I have ever experience.
-Juan H.

I have been looking around for an AutoCAD course that was affordable and has a flexible schedule. This course was both. The sales rep was very helpful and caring. Instructor was extremely patient and really cared about the students.
-Steve G.

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