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September 30, 2011

The Technical Institute of America (TIA) has acquired one of New York City’s leading technology training providers AR Technical & Financial Solutions (ARTFS). This acquisition is major accomplishment for both companies. This acquisition would allow TIA to offer all of ARTFS short term courses in conjunction with TIA’s long term programs. Students will now have the benefits of a unified school.


TIA has better positioned itself as a market leader in technical training. With an offering of over 40 different short courses and 4 different diploma programs, TIA is expected to grow by over 90% in 2012. ARTFS has grown by over 120% in the past 12 months.


CEO and Chairman of TIA, Andrew Ramdayal said "this is a major accomplishment for both companies; we are giving students a quality education at affordable prices. These skills are critical in today’s job market."  


The two companies joining has been a seamless process.  TIA will continue to operate ARTFS web site and honor all ARTFS past students.  The ARTFS family will be joining the TIA Family.


TIA and ARTFS are companies that have been founded by instructors that have a passion for teaching and ensuring that students receive a quality education. Each potential instructor must meet our demands for high quality instruction before becoming a part of our family. Our top priority is to ensure that our instructors are well qualified and have years of experience in the respective disciplines. While other schools are emphasizing on how they are growing and becoming more profitable they fail to focus on the most important aspect of this business, which is providing a quality education and lifelong skills.  Andrew himself teaches courses in Project Management, Cisco, and Microsoft Certifications. Andrew is an instructor with over 15 years of experience in both teaching and managing schools. His motto "if the student has not learned, then the teacher has not taught". 


ARTFS was able to grow rapidly because of their great instructors and staff. This winning combination allows TIA to bring vendor authorized training courses and programs to the public with modern classrooms, excellent instructors, and affordable tuition.


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