AutoCAD Training in New York City


AutoCAD is the industry standards for drafting. AutoCAD supports both 2D and 3D drawing. Learning AutoCAD can be very challenging and difficult. Technical Institute of America is the top AutoCAD training provider with the affordable tuition and excellent instructors.

Technical Institute of America offers 3 AutoCAD courses that will teach students from the basics to 3D drawing. All courses are 100% hands-on classes that comes with textbooks, handouts, and dedicated workstations for each student.   



AutoCAD Level 1

  • Understanding and controlling the User Interface.
  • How to create Lines, Arcs, Circles, and Polylines.
  • Basic drawing tools to help create accurate geometry.
  • Fundamental modification commands.
  • Shortcuts to help speed up your drawing time.
  • Adding text to drawings using Multiline Text, Single line Text and Leaders.
  • Applying hatch patterns to geometry.
  • How to create and control Layers.
  • Changing the Properties on objects in the drawing.
  • How to set the Scale of your drawing.
  • Setting up multiple sheets (layouts) and multiple views using Viewports
  • Defining settings for Plotting.

AutoCAD Level 2

  • Creating various Dimension Styles
  • Defining and editing Text Styles
  • Setting up MultiLeader Styles
  • The differences between Paperspace and Modelspace
  • Working with Annotative objects.
  • How to create and edit Blocks
  • Creating Schedules by adding and extracting Attributes.
  • How Fields can automate updates.
  • How to Create a Template File for storing Company Standards.
  • Working with External References
  • Importing Dwg settings by using Design Center
  • Customizing Tool Palettes to quicken your drawing time

AutoCAD Level 3

  • Creating Primitive Solids (Box, Cylinder, Pyramid, etc.)
  • Creating Complex Solids (Extrude, Revolve, Press Pull, Sweep)
  • Creating Compound Solids (Subtract, Union)
  • Introduction to Mesh Objects and Surface Objects
  • Adjusting the view to see Models from different points in space.
  • Understanding Coordinate Systems and how they pertain to AutoCAD.
  • Adding Cameras to create perspective views
  • Controlling the display of Models using Visual Styles and Views.
  • How to add lighting to create realistic looking images
  • Applying materials to existing geometry to create realistic looking objects
  • Rendering a drawing file